Features that Business travelers and corporates care about while choosing suites

Your business travel and trips are indispensable. It is necessary to choose a suite wisely for your voyage to ensure complete peace of mind while you are traveling. The selection of the hotel matters the most, it can make or break your experience. The choice of a business hotel should be done with a lot of vigilance and attention to detail. The features of the hotel should be well-studied and researched in advance.


Here are some features that Business travelers and corporates must care about while choosing suites:

  1. Private Space:After a long hectic day and stressful business meeting, private space is a matter of concern. The space of the suite must be well-defined, lux, and relaxing. The color scheme, interior and light setting of the suite room are what most corporate professionals emphasize when selecting a suite. Make sure your suite room is well-lit and has adequate resting space. The Suite must provide a personalized experience to the visitor. Asian Suites are one of the fine business hotels in Gurgaon. They have the finest comfortable and designer suites specially crafted for business travelers.
  2. Proximity: Well, the location and proximity matter the most. Business travelers prefer hotels and business suites located at the strategic location. The commute and transit time is of prime concern. Moreover, the business traveler also emphasizes the location of the business meeting while selecting a hotel. They are more willing to select a hotel close to their meeting location to reduce travel time.
  3. Wellness and Safety:The prime concern of a business traveler is always safety and hygiene. The hotel premise must be well-maintained and should follow all the hygiene protocols. The reviews and feedback of the other business traveler are often studied to finalize a hotel. The hotels with advanced sanitary practices and wellness facilities are given the top preference. Asian Suites comprehend the expectations of business travelers. They follow standard sanitation and hygiene process to keep their suites clean and safe.
  4. Food and beverages: After a long tiring day one expects a good relishing and gourmet food when they are back in their suite. Hence, food and beverages are significant. The hotels with an elaborate menu and drink options are the ideal choice. Business travelers expect hotels to provide convenient and delicious menus and refreshment options.
  5. Cost and choice: Most business travelers are not concerned about the cost of the accommodation as most of the time their company pays for it. But what matters is the accommodation choices. Business travelers wish their stay to be comfortable, stress-free, and pleasantly filled with positive experiences. Asian Suites give utmost attention to the comfort of its guests. It ensures its suite premise offers the best-in-class hospitality service and facilities to its guests. They have smart suite room options to meet the discreet needs of business travelers.

The Key Takeaway:
Every business voyage is different! To make it more memorable, pleasant, and worthwhile, a business traveler must look out for the above-mentioned features and make the best choice.

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